In Canada, the food depends on its regions. There is a food variety in Canada which comprises Scottish, English and French roots.

The conventional traditional cuisine of English Canada is closely linked to British Cuisine, while the traditional cuisine of French Canada is from the French cuisine.

These days, some dishes are mentioned as Canadian ones because of the ingredients used, or the etymology of its beginning. Some international food professionals are of the belief that Canadian food is a combination of dishes form the cuisines of other countries.

According to Lenore Newman, he is of the opinion that, there are five basic properties which in combination give Canadian cuisine a good definition, and they are dependence on seasonality, wild foods, regional dishes, ingredients over recipes and multiculturalism.

When it comes to indigenous foods, it is also regarded as Canadian, particularly the Metis food. This is because the Metis people had an important role to play in the origin of Canada, and Canadian cuisine.

For foods like deer, bison, pemmican, bannock and the likes, they are traditional indigenous foods or they came from Canada with roots.

For other foods which have their origin in Canada, they are included in the overarching category of Canadian foods, like the indigenous foods. In Canada, there are some foods which are not of Canadian origin, and they are eaten on a regular basis.

There are also some regional foods which are not eaten as frequently as one side of the country, when compared to the other.

However, on a conventional basis, Canadian foods are known to contain lots of game meat, starch, bread and the likes, and they usually contain lots of soups and stew, with the metis-style basically in use.

It would interest you to know that, Canadian food has been influenced by the continuous immigration waves, and the types of foods from diverse regions and times in Canada which shows this immigration.

For people who have not been to Canada, the food here is very nutritious and it is always a delight when eaten.